3 Ways to Prepare for Publicity

Photo of games on a store shelfOne of our clients has been in the news a lot this holiday season. From a local FOX news segment to a print story in the New York Times, you may have seen a story or two about the young couple that owns a delightful independent toy store on Cleveland’s east side.

Only the media coverage hasn’t been about toys. Instead, they’ve been featured in multiple news stories about supply chain issues and how they’re affecting small businesses.

What did the business owners do to secure such wonderful publicity? What did we do? On the surface, it seems like luck. One phone call from a reporter and BINGO the business is on the evening news and in print headlines.

Yes, a little luck is always good, but these 3 key elements made their business a great choice for a reporter on a deadline:

  1. UPDATED CONTACT INFO. The reporter was able to reach the key business contact because all contact info was up to date on the website and on social media. When the reporter called, the business owner answered. Sadly, many businesses lose out on story opportunities because they don’t respond to phone calls or emails in a timely manner.
  2. This is a toy store, not a doctor’s office, and all of the content and images reflect that fun, playful “voice.” When the reporter searched online for toy stores in Cleveland, she discovered our client.
  3. The day after Halloween, all visual elements pivoted to the upcoming holiday season. Pictures of toy boxes stacked to the ceiling were shared across social channels. Images from the holiday catalog filled the online store. It was clear that this business was READY for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, despite the supply chain issues.

You never know how your business might fit into a story, so make sure you’re ready for that call!